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About this report

Diageo has published an annual global Sustainability & Responsibility Report since 2003. The report has become an integral part of our corporate disclosure and reporting practice, and every year we publish it alongside our Annual Report. We report against the GRI guidelines and the AA1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard (AA1000APS), and this year recevied AA1000AS Type Two Assurance from KPMG.

Last year we decided to move our reporting online to make our content more accessible to a wider audience. Alongside the website, we publish a summary report which we make available to our employees and investors as well as distributing selectively to other stakeholders. A pdf is available by download from this website, and a hard copy is available on request.

This year we changed the report’s name to the ‘Sustainability & Responsibility Report’ to reflect how our programme and accordingly this report have evolved over the years. 'Sustainability' reflects how we take into account our wider economic, social and environmental impacts throughout the value chain, and how our non-financial performance supports the long-term success of the company. 'Responsibility' reflects our particular role as a beverage alcohol company in promoting responsible drinking.

We welcome stakeholders’ views on our report and on our approach to sustainability and responsibility in general. To give your comments on this report please contact us. We hope that you enjoy this report and we encourage you to give us your feedback.

In this section

Scope and boundaries

The subjects covered in our report and the parameters of our data.

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Principles of management and reporting

Using GRI and AA1000APS standards.

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Reporting methodologies

How we collect and manage data in each of our impact areas.

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Report from KPMG and London Benchmarking Group.

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GRI Index

Our report against each GRI indicator.

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