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Our approach

Diageo is proud to be a company whose purpose is ‘celebrating life, every day, everywhere’. As the world’s leading premium drinks business, this requires us to think especially deeply about our responsibilities to society and more broadly what it means to be a sustainable company. We are helped in this by our relationships with stakeholders around the world, whose needs and concerns continue to deepen our understanding of our sustainability impacts.

The sustainability of our business relies on creating ‘shared value’, by which we mean bringing benefits to those who are involved in or affected by our operations as well as ourselves. As our business strategy evolves and we focus more resources in emerging markets with different governance environments and stakeholders, our sustainability agenda is becoming even more important. Developing good relationships with these stakeholders will be important in ensuring that we can grow our business sustainably for mutual benefit in these markets.

In this section

Sustainability and Responsibility strategy

How our strategy addresses our economic, social and environmental impacts across our value chain.

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How we manage sustainability and responsibility

Our management structure, how our programmes are integrated into the business, and our policies.

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Engaging stakeholders

An essential part of understanding, defining and managing our impacts.

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External views

Understanding external perspectives of Diageo and how our performance measures up to that of our peers.

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