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Our impacts

We structure our Sustainability & Responsibility Strategy around our 'impacts'. By impacts we mean who or what our business affects, and in what way. Ensuring we focus on our most material impacts involves engaging our stakeholders to understand their interests and concerns.

We define our impacts as: alcohol in society; water; environmental sustainability; community; our people; and governance and ethics. Each is managed as a separate programme organised at both global and local levels.

Focusing on water

Given the global importance of water scarcity and its material impact on our business, we have separated water out from our other environmental and community impacts in our Sustainability & Responsibility strategy and reporting. This brings together the work we do within our operations and in our communities to preserve this important resource and help enable access to clean water.

Impacts across the value chain

While managing our impacts outside our gates is much more difficult than doing so within our operations, it is no less important. This is why we also have specific programmes for our suppliers and our customers and consumers. These programmes (called ‘cross-priority activity’ in last year’s report), are also reported in this section.

In this section

Alcohol in society

Working to create a positive role for alcohol in society through responsible marketing, consumer information, programmes that address alcohol misuse, alcohol policies and stakeholder dialogue.

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Addressing the water challenge in the communities in which we operate through our operations, community investment and collective action.

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Contributing to broader environmental sustainability through programmes to reduce carbon dioxide, and waste reduction, to promote sustainable packaging and more.

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Supporting local social and economic development in the communities in which we operate.

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Our people

Creating a great place to work for our employees.

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Governance and ethics

Holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

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Our suppliers

Partnering with suppliers to maximize the positive impact of our supply chain.

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Our customers and consumers

Working with our customers to promote our sustainability and responsibility agenda to consumers.

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