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Alcohol in society

We believe that responsibility for understanding and tackling the impacts of alcohol misuse is shared by a wide range of stakeholders. As producers and marketers we accept our share of that responsibility, often taking the lead in driving initiatives and debate. But a general shift in public attitudes will only come about through collective action. In this section we set out our principles and practice in promoting a more positive role for alcohol in society.

In this section

Executive summary

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Responsible marketing and consumer information

We are committed to marketing our brands responsibly only to adults and giving consumers clear information about our products.

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Partnerships and programmes to address alcohol misuse

We run programmes in our top 40 markets to address such issues as drink driving, underage drinking and overconsumption.

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Stakeholder dialogue and alcohol policies

We promote effective and targeted alcohol policies and foster balanced debate and stakeholder dialogue at global, regional and country level.

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