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Governance and ethics

Our reputation is critical to our commercial success and can only be created and upheld if we act with integrity in all our interactions with our stakeholders, from customers, consumers and suppliers to public officials and shareholders. Corporate governance – including our policies and procedures, and our regulatory environment – provide the framework within which we embed our compliance and ethics agenda. But acting with integrity goes beyond a framework, beyond compliance: it is about our culture, about how each of us behaves on behalf of Diageo, every day, in whatever situation we find ourselves. By establishing a culture that requires the very best from all of us, we will succeed in making Diageo one of the world’s most respected and admired companies.

In this section

Executive summary

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Regulatory environment

The external context in which we operate as a beverage alcohol company.

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Corporate governance

Diageo’s principles of governance and corporate governance structure.

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Our compliance and ethics programme

Ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations, and embedding an ethical culture across Diageo.

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